"I felt welcome and warmness, especially as a foreigner and who wanted to find a rare option (furnished flat), you absolutely gave me a big hand. Overall I am very satisfied. I was impressed how quickly you reached me once you found out what I looked for. Just a day after the landlords called you I could see the flat. You are very good at knowing exactly what a customer is looking for, being good at negotiation with landlords, being quick to respond and willing to help from a to z. You could improve on being more precise on contract; I ended up with not being able to find Appendixes which were part of the contract itself- the list of furnitures and so on.
I am absolutely happy with the flat you found me and you did deal with all issues relating to the contract in a professional way. I am happy to find you and Linda.
I was also very impressed by the extra help you provided me with; I needed a home insurance and you arranged with an appointment at the insurance company and accompanied me there. I could have been in so much trouble and had hard time finding suitable home insurance company without your help.
I would absolutely recommend Birds LKV to my successor and colleagues who want to settle in Helsinki but do not know how to start.

Thank you so much Helen and Linda!"

Embassy employee, Helsinki